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Traded my 2014 1200 GT on a 950 today
« on: August 28, 2017, 01:17:05 AM »
Why did I come down to a 950? Two things - I started commuting and while the 1200 can do anything well I started to feel like it was too big but most recently on a week long trip through AZ, CO and UT I realized almost every day that when I parked her on sloping small town main streets that she really is unwieldy. Made me very nervous that I'd drop her and knock over the bikes parked next to me. I also realized that the 1200 GT's enormous side bags encourages packing too much stuff which only made it worse.
So I tried the 950 and it was just right - it's more than the 50 lbs saving, its the front tire size, the center of gravity and the relative simplicity - to me its the 'fun' Multi and the GT is the serious one. Love the 950 motor too - a 1200 is perfectly comfortable and fairly low revving even at 110 mph, but I think the 950 will be using more of the power band and I love having torque under 3500 rpm!

The dealer is keeping her for a few days to install a bevy of upgrades. I decided to go full hog - will post pics when I pick her up.
Looking forward to reading your experiences and hoping I can add to the discussion.

Safe riding!