How to embed a YouTube Video into your Post


Posting a YouTube video into your post is dead simple, just follow the instructions below:

1. Find you video on YouTube
2. Beneath the video you’ll see a button called “Share”, click on that:

You Tube Share button
You Tube Share button

3. Copy the link that appears:

You Tube share link
You Tube Share link

4. Paste the link in your post ensuring that there is a blank line both above and below the link. Important do NOT enclose the link in any url  tags.

5. That’s it, when you save it the video will appear in your post:


Supported link types

YouTube links come in all shapes and forms. The following examples are supported:


When it goes wrong, error messages

If you’ve posted the link incorrectly, if it’s an old unsupported link, or if the video is not available due to issues at YouTube or even removed, then you’ll see this:


More than likely the link you posted is in an old format or incorrect.

Other supported video types

Using the same process above we also support  Vimeo videos and Imgur  gfv formats.