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    Mitas E07+
    on: October 20, 2020, 03:33:57 pm
    October 20, 2020, 03:33:57 pm
    If any of you are interrested in some of the more off-road choices, I think you might want to consider the Mitas E-07.
    It is a 50/50 tire with some real twisty-road prowess.

    Ive tried the TKC-80's,  and Anikee (road) and believe the E-07 is superior in every reguard.

    Road handling is excellent.  I live in an area with an excessive amount of twisties and havent detected any slipping on pavement. Every bit as good as Anikee, and stock pirelli's, albeit a little slower on the initial turn in due to weight.
    Water evacution is impeccible during terential downpours.
    Noise:  quieter than anikee or TKC-80, but...  definately not the Stock Pirelli.
    Mud evacution/Sidewall traction:  On par with tkc-80 which is to say excellent.
    Durability is on good.  I can get about 4,000 miles on a rear, and I am guessing 8,000 on front.  Thats about 1000 more than anikee and about 3000 more than TKC-80 for me.
    Here is the difference:  Rigid sidewalls.  You can air down to the mid 20's and get great traction in everything except loose sand.

    Water crossings, no problems, mud... if your having problems in mud with these tires, you probably shouldn't be there.

    The limits of the engine torque at low RPM are an issue way before tires on loose gravel and dirt inclines.  Im considering a smaller sprocket.

    So, if you are one of the those not afraid to get this thing dirty or take it to places your GS friends are weary of, this might very well be your best tire choice right now.
    Prices seem pretty reasonable too.