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    New Multistrada 950S Owner - Gearing Calculator website
    on: January 05, 2022, 12:23:32 am
    January 05, 2022, 12:23:32 am
    G’day fellow Riders,
    I have just purchased a low mileage Gloss Grey 2019 950S (Wire Wheel).
    I previously had a 1200S which I loved. I put 55000 km on it, rumbling around the land downunder.

    There are more km of unsealed than paved roads in Oz, so the wire wheels,  19” front and a more manageable machine for a man of my mature years, led me to the 950S. Initially I missed the grunt of the bigger engine but this bike is so capable in so many different settings that  I am completely sold on it.

    After a few weeks of ownership, I have decided to go to a 14 tooth front sprocket, to make it little easier on the clutch in the tighter spots.
    I read the posts on this mod and they helped my decision.The website     

    Is  a really useful tool that have used before for selecting gearing options. The “ plug and play” convenience of having all the rpm’s and speeds of different ratio changes is great.

    I’m heading down to the Alpine region for a 5 day ride next week. 😀