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    Forum Image Hosting
    on: March 06, 2017, 11:52:33 pm
    March 06, 2017, 11:52:33 pm
    We already have the Gallery Album area where members can request their own album and upload photos. However, that part of the forum software is starting to get a bit old now and although the forum is new it was all we had when we initially opened.

    New Image Hosting area:

    Consequently, we've just built an additional new area where you can upload your photos that can viewed in albums and added to posts. It has a much more modern look to the older area and it allows you to add larger images 5MB, instead of 2MB. Extra large images are also reduced in size in the new area so that they render much quicker.

    In the new area uploaded images uploaded automatically to edge servers scattered around the world. So when you view an image in Australia that someone uploaded in Europe it should render relatively quickly  :152:

    The upside is that if these image are embedded into your posts then the whole forum should run quicker overall. It also displays much better on a phone or tablet so it'll be easier to upload images from your phone.

    Also, the area runs over secure https plus each image is given a hidden encrypted name for extra security. A simple bbcode link is provided for each image so that you can easily embed the images into your posts.

    We're happy to provide this free to members, but as the service has a cost implication (hosting and bandwidth) all we ask is that you only use the photos on this forum. Posting those photos elsewhere around the web would eat into our bandwidth, something we can't afford if it's abused.

    At the moment you'll need to create a separate account at the image hosting area as the two systems won't talk to each other at the moment. All we ask is that you use the same username and email address that you used for you main forum account when registering.

    Please feedback what you think of the new area.

    Enjoy!   :821:

    You can find it here: