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relevant even if it is the Monster.


Andy, thanks for that post - it's encouraging.

 I don't really know why I have waited so long to get a "low seat"  - other than a concern that as I find the standard seat really comfortable (and good for 300 mile days) the low one might not be as good.
I am also 29inch inside leg and am looking forward to the arrival of my Low Seat to resolve the balls of toes uncertainty !
As an aside i find the Hill Hold Control is a great thing and really does help a lot with keeping the bike vertical at a prolonged stop.

Ive had a low seat pretty much from new on my 2022 V2s.  Just wasnt happy getting my feet down with the standard seat, a great deal happier with the low seat & feel more in control at low speed/standstill.

Ride most weekends with my mates and do around 200miles, no issues.

We toured the South of France last year & as I was riding with full luggage I put the standard seat back on & adjusted the suspension for rider plus luggage, again no issues.

Im 510 with a 29 inside leg.


The low seat spec does indeed claim 20mm drop in height.
There are a few threads on here that discuss the low seat but nobody has ever actually said they got  a 20mm benefit - indeed there are observations it didn't make a great difference.
One person posted pics of the two seats and described how he thought they differed. Fundmentally narrower and not as neat a fit on the bike.
As above , I have an exebay one on its way to me--  so time will tell.
The "low seat" option on the Multistrada is supposed to reduce it by 20mm. https://configurator.ducati.com/bikes/ww/en/multistrada/multistrada-v2-s/23915883?cid=H29N7XTQ3LYYC2K
without expensive "lowering work".
the bigger challenge it seems is getting below 200kg wet weight.

bmw have dropped the tank size by 1.5 litres - they will argue that they have improved fuel consumption but i think it is simply to take wet weight out.
the monster 937 has gone a similar route.

Only the KTMs have really got the weight off, 790/890 , but as standard they are both too tall for me - to be sure of a foot down.

The Honda 500 NX is not a light bike either.

TheMulti  V2 is a fantastic bike.
my "local" dealer has a near new Multi V2 that has been lowered - I am completely flat footed on that but i have a mental block to bikes with expensive lowering work.
That is quite a challenge. ADV bikes are, by design, tall bikes. Mid range ADV's are coming back into the market with the likes of the new Transalp 750, at just over 200Kg but it still has a saddle of 850mm. You could look at the CB500X with a saddle of only 830 but that is about as low as they go in the ADV field, but coming from the Multistrada, I doubt if it would satisfy you.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / The much discussed Low Seat option.
« Last post by flyfifer on December 07, 2023, 11:29:34 pm »
I looked for a recent discussion and did not find one.

I have been having nasty thoughts about partX the V2 for something else.
I think I have caught old man getting shorter and less strong syndrome.

Lust for --
Lighter, lighter, still ADV style, AND ideally less than 820mm seat height.

KTMs toooo tall. SH one T.
BMW 800 not been on a diet for 2024. 900 tooo tall.

Monster - ---- tent is a baggage problem and the Monster has got "tall".
Triumph ,-- had oil leaky Tigers and no advantage over V2. The new versions sound good but they don't have Hill hold Control.

Transalp too tall.
Yamaha Tracer9  - no advantage ( apart from service costs).-- Def a good bike though - had one before the V2.

What to Do ???

Found a low seat on ebay.
Reprieve for the V2 Multi until the "benefit" of the low seat is evaluated in early 2024.
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: Multiple items for sale
« Last post by BiggsyBoy on December 02, 2023, 11:57:15 am »
SW Motech rear rack - sold
Heed crash bars - sold
New Member Introductions / Re: New Multistrada V2S rider in France
« Last post by Ian_H on December 01, 2023, 08:16:52 pm »
Agreed - I should have remembered I was riding around Grenoble last year .. some amazing roads.

New Member Introductions / Re: New Multistrada V2S rider in France
« Last post by Gareth38 on December 01, 2023, 07:00:15 pm »
to be diplomatic!  the riding in wales is some of the best in the UK, the riding in the alps around grenoble is some of the best in the whole of europe!
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