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Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: Puig Dark Sports Screen for sale
« Last post by Wassers on Yesterday at 10:51:03 pm »
That's my secret - I'm not saying  :005: :008:
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: Puig Dark Sports Screen for sale
« Last post by BabyD on Yesterday at 10:46:40 pm »
*Originally Posted by Wassers [+]

Puig Dark Sports Screen for sale

I've been extremely happy with this screen (I'm almost 6 foot).

How tall are you really with out the high heels ?
Multistrada 950 and V2 - Main Chat board / Re: Pannier gone missing
« Last post by BabyD on Yesterday at 10:39:58 pm »
When i had my 950, the dealer informed my after a service that the plastic cups that sit inside the frame were cracked & be careful the panniers didn’t come loose, it never happened to me as i replaced them but maybe something you should investigate.

They are cheap & very easy to change, but the hard part is getting to the fixing that hold them on.
Multistrada 950 and V2 - Main Chat board / Re: Pannier gone missing
« Last post by buzzardbilly on Yesterday at 08:05:38 pm »
That's a complete bummer. I do remember reading of a similar instance on this forum of that happening. It is possible to only connect with one lug and the pannier appears secure but can come loose (I did this myself once but the bike was static and I double checked it so was lucky). I have never heard of a lug completely shearing off but if that happened to you prior to fitting then I think you would have noticed when trying to fit it. Good luck finding a replacement
Multistrada 950 and V2 - Main Chat board / Pannier gone missing
« Last post by Conman on Yesterday at 06:24:45 pm »
Yes it's true, and after a quick look on Google it appears I'm not the only one to suffer this.

Heading down the A-67 Autovia form Torrelavaga to Palencia in northern Spain I looked down to my left to see a yawning gap where my pannier used to be  :005:

Of course on that particular stretch of motorway I happened to be 20 miles from the next turn off, so I had to do 40 miles just to get back to where I noticed it missing. I then ended up going a further 75 miles back to a petrol station where I last filled up. Now I was pretty sure it was still there when I filled up - or was it? I was focused on the ride ahead (280 miles into Portugal) so maybe I didn't notice it was gone. Well, anyway it was only another 20 minutes to the previous overnight hotel so I went right back to the beginning.


I was left with no option but to set off again. I asked at the petrol station, they had nothing.  After another one and a half hours riding while scouring the verges for a stray pannier, debris littered across the road, clothes and some camping gear blowing in the wind, anything; no not a thing.

I can't believe the pannier just came off because it's such a pig to get on or off normally. Same as if it was stolen at the petrol station. I literally filled up, paid and left. I could never have got it off in that time even with a key, and why would anyone want too anyway? That's why the inner bags are such a good idea; fit the panniers once and just offload the inner bags when you get to your hotel. Except you cant easily get to the bungee hooks with the panniers fitted.

Like I said I have heard of other instances of panniers dropping off, even on this forum I think. But how could that happen without me noticing in my rear view mirror, something come loose and bouncing down the road. I must say with just one heavy pannier on one side the handling of the bike did not change at all as far as I could tell. It's all a complete mystery  :027: I keep expecting to go "oh, there it is, it was there all the time". But that's not going to happen.

Of course thinking back there are little things that cross your mind. Mainly that I noticed the pannier did rattle a bit when locked in position compared to the other side which was solid. But I only noticed that the morining I set of from England and it still felt ok. I've had the panniers for 5 years or so and done around 15,000 miles with them fitted. Do the locks wear out? It's a bit rubbish if they do.

So after riding around 8 hours 400 miles I finally arrived in Breganza, Portugal with only the clothes I was stood in and no way of cooking if I decided to camp. The stretch of road from the A-52 motorway into Bregaza was an amazing switchback for 25 miles over the mountains but I really didn't appreciate it; I was knackered and somewhat pissed off. I went and bought some new gear but I had to limit what I bought as I couldn't carry it anyway. Eventually everything became a big struggle I wasn't enjoying, so I bailed out and got an early ferry home  :003:

The upshot is, if anyone happens to find a left side Ducati pannier (white top) by the side of a motorway in Spain, there's a good chance it's mine! And if anyone has a spare left hand pannier (maybe you lost the right hand pannier  :016: ) get in touch we can do a deal  :002:
New Member Introductions / Re: Soon to be 950s owner
« Last post by Burnsey on Yesterday at 12:06:32 pm »
We all mod!

I had to add an end can (had lol), then all EvoTech levers/rad/cooler/engine guards, a low tinted screen as I prefer them and an OEM rear rack.

No need for any of them, but we all tend to do it.

My is a 2019 950s too and with 18k, invested in a Desmo service, new chain and sprockets and a general spruce up. Love it, but reliability remains a concern, so doing it again, I'd probably cover a few thousand miles prior to investing in add ons.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: S W Motech Pro Rack
« Last post by flyfifer on Yesterday at 10:58:26 am »
In the interests of accuracy.
I have had the SW Motech racks on and off a number of times now.

For some reason getting the "rack mounting lugs" to align with  the "mounting lugs on the brackets fitted to the bike" has been somewhat more testing on the exhaust side.

I finally got fed up with the inconvenience and opened out one lug on the RHS rack - which gave the most hassle - and it is now a much easier job.
Note , only the rack lugs can be opened up, the Bracket Lugs need to keep their "keyhole" shape to retain the fixings.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / New model heated grips on 950S...?
« Last post by razu on Yesterday at 09:46:31 am »
I sat on a new V4 multi yesterday at the ABR festival and noticed that the grips were lovely and grippy! The heated grips on the 950S are made of hard plastic and I find they offer very little grip.

Does anybody know if I could install the new style ones on my 950?
Multistrada 950 and V2 - Main Chat board / Re: Delivery time
« Last post by IanTed on Yesterday at 08:12:07 am »
Speaking to a friend of mine the other day who’d been contacted by BMW Uk re a new car. They we’re talking about a year to deliver highly specced orders quits by Chinese covid lock down, I only asked for a Travel pack😬
Multistrada 950 and V2 - Main Chat board / Re: Delivery time
« Last post by wethogs on June 25, 2022, 09:56:32 pm »
https://www.bikesrepublic.com/featured/record-breaking-q1-2022-for-ducati-13450-units-delivered/ This is an article concerning Ducati's 2022 Q1 production and delivery numbers. In short it says the first quarter, January to March, was record breaking for the delivery of motorcycles across the Ducati range. Now how can that be if there are truly supply chain issues?
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