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Multistrada 950 - Main Chat board / Re: Front Brake Howl/Growl at Low Speed
« Last post by gmf1 on Today at 12:18:15 am »
My front and rear sounded like nails on chalk board when new. Front is fine now but rear still does it when I come to a stop.
Maintenance and Servicing / Fuel level sensor and gear position sensor
« Last post by Mrchow on Yesterday at 10:30:11 pm »
Got fuel level sensor and gear position sensor in same week bike has a little over 4K whatís next ?
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Ducati Inner Bags and Low Seat for sale
« Last post by MattR on Yesterday at 11:55:15 am »
I'm posting this on behalf of a member who left the forum back in Aug and now has the following he wishes to sell:

Two Ducati inner panier bags
Top box Ducati inner bag
Ducati low seat with no more than 200 miles usage.

If interested then pm me for owners contact details.

I understand owner has pics if required.

Please don't direct questions to me as you'll need to ask the owner  :028:

Multistrada 950 - Main Chat board / Re: Front Brake Howl/Growl at Low Speed
« Last post by Colywobbles on October 22, 2021, 10:01:54 pm »
I have the same problem on my 950s, Iím now 8,000 miles in and not found a solution. Itís been back to the dealer and I got a similar response, ďsintered brake pads are noisyĒ, never been a problem on any of my previous bikes though. Iíll be interested to see if you resolve your problem.
Multistrada 950 - Main Chat board / Front Brake Howl/Growl at Low Speed
« Last post by nasher75 on October 22, 2021, 02:08:33 pm »
About 1 month after I purchased my 950S, I started to experience a brake howl/shudder when coming to stops.  I'd guess the noise starts when I'm modulating off the brakes a little just before a full stop, maybe around 10 MPH.  Asked the dealer about it and they told me it was normal for bikes with floating rotors.  That's bullsh#t.  Had plenty of other bikes with fully and partially floating rotors and never experienced this.

Caliper and Rotor mounting bolts are all tight.

Thinking, since we are in the middle of a storm at the moment, that I might pop off the front wheel to scuff/sand the full surface of the rotors and pop the front pads out and do the same.  Start with fresh surfaces and go though brake bed-in again to see if it helps. 

Anyone else experience this on their 950?
Suspension Set-up and Mods / Re: Stock Suspension Set Up
« Last post by nasher75 on October 22, 2021, 01:57:31 pm »
I'm wondering if you guys are accounting for static sag in the front end.  I was confused as to why I was harshly bottoming out the front, but when off the bike, I was only measuring 5" to the cable tie and our forks are supposed to have 6.7" of travel.  So, I slid the cable tie up to the top of the stanchion, lifted the front end of the bike until the wheel came off the ground and had my wife measure the distance from bottom of fork tube to cable tie and it was 1.7".  That means this pig has 43mm of static sag.  Keep in mind that this measurement was also taken with the front preload bolt wound in full to stop.

I can only assume that the progressive portion of the spring on the front is fully compressed under just the weight of the bike.  That is a complete waste of the travel they are claiming this bike has.  Will only extend if you get airborne and then provides no support when you land, only to blow through all the travel when the wheel touches down.

Sorry, but they did very little to develop the suspension on this model.  Maybe be it's better on the 1200's, but I'm pretty unimpressed with my 950S suspension.  The skyhook is doing nothing if the spring able to keep you in midstroke, both front and rear.  Also, progressive springs are just a band aid for poorly designed suspension.

I know it's not possible to have a coil suspension that will accommodate all rider weights and account for passengers and gear, but I'm bottoming out harshly on rough roads with just me.  No passenger and no luggage.
Items Wanted / WTB - Factory Mounts for Ducati-Touratech Aluminum Panniers - 2017 950
« Last post by DOR55 on October 21, 2021, 02:22:20 pm »
Looking for a complete set of factory mounts for Ducati-Touratech aluminum panniers for a 2017 950MS.
Multistrada 950 - Main Chat board / Link pipe and ECU reflash
« Last post by Pedro S on October 21, 2021, 09:14:00 am »
Has anyone replaced the link pipe and had the ECU reflashed ?
Iím looking at putting a Leo Vince link pipe with the Akra slip on.
Iíd like to know the best option for the reflash, and what power and torque gains youíve achieved.
Thanks for any replies
Suspension Set-up and Mods / Re: 2020 950S suspension sag and preload
« Last post by gmf1 on October 20, 2021, 11:39:00 pm »
Yea, doing it by trial and error is not a good idea. Will buy stand asap :)
Multistrada 950 - Main Chat board / Re: How do you check your oil level?
« Last post by Paulel on October 20, 2021, 03:43:13 pm »
*Originally Posted by lather [+]
Now that's a bad idea!

If you knew my wife you'd understand :034:

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