About the Photos Gallery

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About the Photos Gallery

The forum has it's own Photos Gallery  that is available to Members only.

More than just a Gallery

It's more than just a Gallery.

Members can upload their photos to their own albums and if they wish embed those photos into their forum posts.

Uploading can also be done when you compose a new forum post. The bbcode link is automatically generated and embedded into your post.

Upload one image or upload forty, it makes no difference.

You can also take a photo on your phone and embed it into a forum post in one go. Simple.

What is the upload limit?

The limit per image is 5MB.

There is no limit to the number of images you can upload.

Create an account

Note that registered forum members do need to create a separate account with the Photos Gallery. We ask that you use the same username and email address as your main forum account.

Why an additional account?

An additional account is needed because the Photos Gallery is essentially held on a seperate server. This means that when uploading images it does not affect the performance of the main forum area. Images can be large and when uploading it can affect the system performance. This would be especially true when there are many users online at once.

Performance with Security

Images are uploaded to a secure server and backed up daily. They are served via multiple edge servers situated around the world. So if someone in the UK posts an image then a member in say, Australia, would not have to wait ages to view it. This is because it would be served from a secure localised server in their region.

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