How to Upload an Image and instantly embed it into your Post

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How to Upload an Image and instantly embed it into your Post

When Composing your Forum Post

(Note: you must have a separate Photos Gallery account in place for this to work. Create one here )

When you "compose" your post in the forum you have the option of uploading an image (or multiple images) and having the bbcode links automatically embdded into your post.

1. If you look under the post compostion box there is an "Upload images" button (see image below).

2. Simply compose your post up to the point where you want your image(s) to appear.

3. Then hit the "Upload images" button and you'll be taken to the Gallery where you can upload your image(s).

4. You'll be prompted for your Gallery username/password if not already logged in.

5. Don't worry, any text you've already written in your post will safe.

6. Once the image(s) have uploaded you'll be instantly retuned to your post and the links will be "auto magically" inserted.

When using a Mobile or Tablet

If you are composing your post on a mobile phone or tablet which has a camera, then you can also do this "on the fly".

Simply compose your post and when ready hit the "Upload Images" button. If you have a camera on your device then you'll be given the option to take a photo. Take your picture, click OK, and your image will get uploaded to the Gallery. You'll then be instantly returned to your post with the image link automatically inserted.

Neat eh... :152:

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